Legislative Staff Week: Readiness and Resilience in a Pandemic

Our American States show

Summary: This podcast is part of Legislative Staff Week, NCSL’s effort to recognize the crucial work of legislative staff across the nation. It is also one in a series NCSL is producing to focus on how states are taking action in response to the coronavirus pandemic. You can find links to podcasts, webinars and other resources at www.ncsl.org/coronavirus. Today we’re talking with Laree Kiely, president and chief wisdom officer at the We Will consulting firm in California. She is an expert on leadership and management and talked with “Our American States” about readiness and resilience during the pandemic. Kiely also serves as a trainer at NCSL's Legislative Management Institute.  Coronavirus Resources for States Page Coronavirus and State Legislatures in the News OAS Episode 93 Transcription NCSL Legislative Staff Week 2020 We Wil Inc. Consulting Firm