Episode 069-CV06: Chip, CEO, Downtown Boulder Partnership

Boulder Tech Podcast show

Summary: This episode is part of our continuing COVID19 coverage — and begins our run-up to Boulder Startup Week, taking place May 11-15th. Like most gatherings these days, we’re going virtual in 2020. Find details at boulderstartupweek.com. Today, I speak with Chip, CEO of the Downtown Boulder Partnership. We discuss what the Partnership is doing to support downtown businesses — and their employees — in this time of virus, and get into some of the questions about what we might expect to see as things begin to loosen up in Colorado and beyond. Chip and I spoke via Zoom on April 22nd. Follow the Downtown Boulder Partnership on Twitter @downtownboulder. *** The Boulder Tech Podcast is made possible in part by Glider, a Colorado-based Community movement and non-profit that produces Boulder’s Ignite and TedX events, as well as Boulder Startup Week. Learn more and consider a donation at glider.com The Boulder Tech Podcast is produced by Joel Davis. Your feedback, criticisms, comments and guest suggestions are welcome. If you or your company or organization have switched your focus to helping solve the many problems arising from the Coronavirus pandemic, and you’d like to come on the podcast to talk about it, reach me at joel@dojo4.com or DM me on Twitter @bouldertechcast. Thanks for listening. We’ll see you back here for the next episode of the Boulder Tech Podcast.