'The Business of Creating Memories' - Creative Director and Event Producer, Gill Minervini

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Summary: For over 30 years Gill Minervini has produced some of Australia's most engaging and successful international events and festivals, creating unforgettable, immersive experiences for diverse audiences. She is one of Australia's creative leaders - from festival , event and theatre director to television and radio presenter, food curator and producer - Gill's experience means successful delivery of outstanding creative ideas, every time. Early creative roles included a position as the inaugural Festival Director for the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras in the late 1980's; an extraordinary time for the gay community. For 17 years she was Creative Director for the City of Sydney, overseeing annual events that included Chinese New Year and Christmas celebrations. The canvases on which she creates are vast and varied. Her event, festival and theatre accomplishments include The Rugby League World Cup 2017, Art Moves - a Public Art Project, Newtown Festival, Barangaroo Welcome Celebrations, Winter Feast Dark MoFo inTasmania and the Australian Theatre of the Deaf. Such product also allows her a plethora of platforms on which to present such expansive production. A mantra she shares with her teams states they are 'in the business of creating memories'. All of us can recall the first time we shared in the palpable experience of a particular event or festival. An immersion amongst community and the theatre of life. Vital experiences that feed into the human condition. Gill Minervini loves her job and communicating stories. It's obvious in this conversation. She provides insight, reflection and passion for the craft of making Big Art and telling vital stories with a broad palette.