Odd One Out: Wisconsin Votes IRL During Pandemic

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Summary: Voters are heading to the polls to cast their ballots in the Wisconsin primary despite orders from the governor to stay home. We’ll dive into the drama and look at what voting during a pandemic could mean for November’s general election.  Meanwhile: President Trump has been promoting a drug that he says is a ‘game-changer’ for the fight against COVID-19. But America’s top medical officials are urging caution. We explain the big debate over hydroxychloroquine. Also on today’s show: Japan was one of the first countries to deal with COVID-19 cases, but only just enacted its strongest stay-at-home measure. We look at why the country waited until now to declare a state of emergency. Call and leave us a voicemail at: 646-461-6370 to shout-out a loved one or share how you’re helping your community during the pandemic. You might hear your message on the show.