100. 5 practical strategies to improve your clinical reasoning & treatment results with David Toomey, Jordan Craig & Simon Olivotto

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Summary: 100 Physio Edge podcast episodes since I discovered a love of podcasts, and created the Physio Edge podcast to help Physio’s, Physical Therapists and other health professionals in their clinical practice with practical information from the leaders in different musculoskeletal and sports injuries. I really enjoy recording each podcast, helping you with your clinical challenges and hearing how the podcast has helped you with your patients. While recording each of these podcasts, I’ve noticed that one area Physiotherapy experts & leaders have in common is their well developed clinical reasoning. They use effective & efficient clinical problem solving to assess and treat their patients. How can you improve your clinical reasoning to more effectively assess and treat your patients? In this podcast with the new Clinical Edge Senior Physio education & presentation team - David Toomey (NZ based Musculoskeletal Physio), Jordan Craig (APA Titled Musculoskeletal & Sports Physio) and Simon Olivotto (Specialist Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist, FACP), you’ll explore: Five practical strategies you can use immediately to improve your clinical reasoning and treatment results. Clinical reasoning - what is it and how will it help you with your patients? How to effectively & efficiently assess and treat in short treatment sessions How to create a rehabilitation or training plan for a patient to suit their individual needs. Low back pain patients - How to use clinical reasoning to target your questioning, objective assessment and treatment to your patients needs Download this podcast now to improve your clinical reasoning and treatment results with these five practical strategies. Links associated with this episode: Download and subscribe to the podcast on iTunes Download the podcast now using the best podcast app currently in existence - Overcast Listen to the podcast on Spotify Improve your clinical reasoning, assessment and treatment effectiveness, efficiency and results with a free trial Clinical Edge membership Let David know what you liked about this podcast on Twitter Review the podcast on iTunes Like the podcast on Facebook Infographics by Clinical Edge Clinical Edge Education & presentation team Simon Olivotto on Twitter Jordan Craig David Toomey on Twitter Articles associated with this episode: CLICK HERE to download your podcast handout