Episode 254: David Smurthwaite, Married Father of 4, Former Bishop, Gender Dysphoria

Listen, Learn & Love Hosted by Richard Ostler show

Summary: My friend David Smurthwaite, in his early 40’s and active LDS, joins us to share is multiple-decade journey with gender dysphoria. David helps us understand that gender dysphoria is real and shares his journey working closely with Heavenly Father, his good wife Marisa, and therapists to understand and manage it. David is no longer living with the shame allowing him to have better relationships with everyone, better emotional health and a better relationship with Heavenly Father. David shared his story on this blog post to help others: : https://medium.com/one-truth/we-are-all-queer-disciples-of-christ-6257e07a3da9?source=friends_link&sk=acb1c7c7d60835e50058362722484083 Thank you my friend David for being on the podcast and sharing your story. You are a great man helping us all better understand Latter-day Saints with gender dysphoria. Your story will heal and give hope to many.