Mandy Arioto: Having More Fun, Living Life to the Full, and Viewing Motherhood as a Catalyst

Soul Care for the New Mom show

Summary: If you had told me when I first started going to my local MOPS group last fall that I would be having the President and CEO of MOPS International on the podcast, I would have said, “Get outta here. That is just crazy!” And yet I am so honored to share with you today’s episode featuring my conversation with Mandy Arioto, President and CEO of MOPS, author of Have More Fun, and this truly amazing gal with a huge heart for serving and encouraging moms! No matter how busy or challenging this season of motherhood that you are in may be, today’s episode is sure to encourage you, inspire you, and remind you of the FUN and abundant life that God is calling you to. In today’s episode, Mandy and I chat about: - the heart and backstory behind her book Have More Fun - the importance of cultivating more fun in our lives, especially for us as moms in busy seasons of motherhood - how to differentiate between FAKE fun and REAL fun - the danger of always sacrificing ourselves on the altar of motherhood instead of allowing for fun and abundance - viewing motherhood as a CATALYST that enables us to become the most fun, thriving version of ourselves - practical tips on how we as moms can live life more to the full - the mission of MOPS and how to join a local MOPS community Resources Mentioned: Have More Fun: MOPS International: Follow Mandy on Instagram: Get my FREE 10 Declarations for the Anxious Mama, your go-to guide for taking your anxious thoughts captive and replacing them with CONFIDENCE and PEACE: Learn more about my Mom Empowered coaching program and how I empower moms with the mindset + strategy to ditch their anger and break free from anxiety: Connect with me on Instagram: Join the Soul Care for the New Mom Facebook community: I want to hear from you! Don’t forget to leave a review and share how Soul Care for the New Mom has been an encouragement to you! Pssst… this also helps more moms discover the podcast so they can be encouraged, too!