Fireside Chats Issue 309: New News and Earth Twos!

Fireside Chats - Comic Book Podcast show

Summary: Greetings Firesiders!  While Mendte is away the Fireside Crew will play.  Mr. Maurer has started a mutiny with Features and Baby Huey for this weeks New News.  Expect more Beep You’s and Earth 2’s then you can handle as the crew talks the latest comic related current events.  The guys run the gamut with Walking Dead losing major characters on AMC, Spawn casting announcements, and Mr. Maurer’s latest prediction coming true.  All that plus in comics New looks for Iron Heart and Cho, Wizard World’s new business ventures, and Miles Morales’ newest creative team.  Plus in TV the guys talk Jessica Jones, Watchmen, Krypton and the Arrow-Verse.  Lastly don’t forget about the big screen and check out the latest news on Spawn, Black Panther 2, Infinity War and Justice League’s DVD sales.  Welcome to Fireside.