343 - Trials and Tribulations with Andy "Falco" Jimenez

The Dad Podcast show

Summary: Justin and Andy talk about Andy's struggles with public and education vs home schooling, and Suburban Rage.<br><br>Andy "Falco" Jimenez<br><br>todayscbdoil.com<br><br>Train The Dog Trainer Podcast<br><br> <br><br>Facebook.com/dadpodcast<br><br>@DadPodcast<br><br>@JustinWorsham<br><br>Listen Live at<br><br>mixLR.com/dadpodcast<br><br>Tell 3 people about this show. They don’t have to listen just ask them to subscribe. We want to be number 1.<br><br>Bookmark the amazon banner at the bottom of TheDadPodcast.com