January 7, 2020

The Specialist Radio Hour show

Summary: The Specialist Radio Hour welcomes former Marine and retired international airline pilot Craig Hudgins as today’s guest host.<br> Craig updates the US and Iran situation as he recounts his own personal experience of an Iran hostage mission in April of 1980.<br> With Virginia Governor Northam anxiously trying to take our gun rights away, Michael Lupinio provides us with a firsthand report from last night’s Virginia Beach Council’s 6 to 4 vote to declare their city a 2nd Amendment Sanctuary.<br> Steve Olds a retired Air Force Officer and F15 Pilot who flew in Dessert Shield in 1990 joins Craig for an insight as well as reminiscenting look on his time serving our Nation. Steve goes on to share information on the purpose of the organization Patriot Mission.<br> Don’t miss one minute of this show!<br>