Episode 48- The Best Outcome Possible For Co-Parenting

The Kylie Camps Podcast show

Summary: Episode 48 is all about navigating cooperative co-parenting with a mum who has lived it both personally and professionally. Jacquelyn Curtis is an Accredited Specialist in Family Law and Senior Associate at Canberra’s boutique family law firm, Phelps Reid Foster Johnson. Jacqui is also a mum to a three-year old daughter, who is raised in a co-operative co-parenting arrangement by Jacqui and her former partner. Jacqui has over a decade of experience in family law and comes from a typical legal background – you’d typically find her attending a mediation to assist her client to work out parenting and financial arrangements after a relationship breakdown or, for the smaller proportion of people who cannot resolve things out of Court, advocating for her clients in the courtroom. When Jacqui found herself in the midst of a relationship breakdown, she knew exactly what to do and what not to do to make the best of the situation for herself, for her ex and most of all for her daughter. Jacqui passionately believes that better outcomes result for everyone after a family breakdown when a low-conflict, cooperative and child-centred method is adopted. In this episode, we explore the benefits of this approach to navigating what comes next after a relationship breakdown. It is important to note however that this podcast is not legal advice and therefore if you or someone you know is experiencing a relationship breakdown, they should obtain independent advice from a lawyer which is tailored to their situation. Jacqui is providing a limited number of free consultations to listeners who want to know more about co-operative co-parenting after a relationship breakdown, or in relation to family law matters generally. To have a confidential chat to Jacqui about your situation, contact her on mail@phelpsreid.com. Website: http://www.phelpsreid.com.au/JacquelynCurtis.html LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jacquelync/