Episode 45- Is it okay to yell at kids??

The Kylie Camps Podcast show

Summary: Episode 45 explores the effects of yelling on young children and also the impact it has on the parent doing the yelling. This is a totally judgement free zone because we have all been there! Parenting is a tough gig at times but int really is an honour. When we know more about the implications of our actions and also HOW we get ourselves to the point of yelling, we can make little tweaks to improve and increase our own happiness and protect the emotional wellness of our most treasured little beings. This episode is taken from our Toddler Life program. Visit www.thekindparentingcompany.com to view our range of parenting programs today. As always, if you enjoy this episode please do take a screenshot and post to your story on instagram and tag me @kyliecamps so I can repost on my story!