The Battle for Attention: How Viacom Uses Short-Form Video

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Summary: First, a *major* shout out to Toronto’s Buffer Festival and its staff, who were instrumental in arranging this interview. Buffer Festival is the world's largest international digital-first film festival. It features theatrical screenings, red carpets, educational keynotes, and awards — and you should definitely check it out at<br><br>In this episode of Now &amp; Next we explore how a major legacy media company is navigating the shift from the “lean back” experience of linear television to the short, snappy, and on-the-go mode of mobile viewing.<br><br>We dig into this with Brendan Yam, vice president and general manager of Viacom Digital Studios International. He has been with the company since 2005, and for the past year and a half, has led the company’s short form digital content output — and its conquest of global markets.<br><br>To dig deeper, visit