Adventures in YA Episode 059: 2019 Debut Authors

Adventures in YA Podcast show

Summary: Welcome to another episode of Adventures in YA. In this episode we talke about some of the debut authors of 2019.<br> What We’ve Been Reading:<br> Sara:<br> A Silent Voice Vol 2<br> Girl From the Other Side Vol 2<br> The Half God of Rainfall<br> Kristin:<br> Hello Universe<br> Clockwork Angel<br> Becoming<br> The Gilded Wolves<br> The Library of Lost and Found<br> Socery of Thorns<br> Educated<br> Southern Lady Code<br> 2019 Debut Authors<br> A Field Guide to the North American Teenager<br> The Love and Lies of Rukhsana Ali<br> Just for Clicks<br> We Set the Dark on Fire<br> Four Dead Queens<br> Opposite of Always<br> All the Walls of Belfast<br> Wicked Saints<br> You’d Be Mine<br> Decendents of the Crane<br> Don’t Date Rosa Santos<br> We Hunt the Flame<br> The Candel and the Flame<br> I Wish You All the Best<br> I Love You So Mochi<br> I Want To Be Where You Are<br> The Grief Keeper<br> All of Us with Wings<br> Wicked Fox<br> Wilder Girls<br> Color Me In<br> Slay<br> The Tenth Girl<br> The Library of Lost Things<br> Fireborne<br> I Hope You Get This Message<br> A River of Royal Blood<br> Every Stolen Breath<br> Dangrous Alliance<br> Tell Me Everything<br>