Tabius Tate- Mo Shit

New Millennium Media Group show

Summary: Tabius Tate, a.k.a. CountryBoi Tweet hails from the West Side of Montgomery, Alabama. Over Half of his 20 years have been spent rhyming. The stage accepted him at twelve, and has continued to embrace him through his years at Carver High School and today. Having been around uncles who were "street pharmacists", CountryBoi decided on a different path for success. His work ethic and drive brought him scholarships and other awards which allowed him to pursue music and basketball in a focused and positive environment. CountryBoi's 6'4" frame contains more than raw lyrical talent, it is also composed of basketball fearlessness. The ALL-AMERICAN ranking he received while at Southern Polytechnic is the proof. He has played all over the South East, and has even been given the opportunity to play semi-pro overseas. This Hot rapper has worked with the likes of SoSo Def, Block Entertainment, Ying Yang Twins, and Lil' Noah. He is definately on the come-up with his debut album "Alabama Lottery". Why such a title, you ask? Here CountryBoi explains, "I chose "Alabama Lottery" because I feel that the lottery helps in so many different ways. With the lottery, schools are benefiting, which gives better educations to the kids that can't afford to attend private institutions. Alabama doesn't have a lottery, so I have to be Alabama's savior