Unconventional Funding Solutions for Real Estate Investors

The Real Estate Guys Radio Show - Real Estate Investing Education for Effective Action show

Summary: Real estate investing can be messy ... and not just the property. Sometimes a deal ... or even your entire portfolio ... doesn't fit inside the conventional lending box. So if you or your deals don't fit the institutional mold, you'll be glad to know there's a wide, wonderful world of alternative funding solutions you can tap into. In this episode, we visit with a veteran loan broker who fills us in on some of the creative loan products available in the market place for unconventional real estate investors. So listen in and learn how alternative lending options can help you optimize your real estate investing portfolio. The Real Estate Guys™ radio show provides investing commentary, education, training and resources to help real estate investors succeed. Learn more and subscribe to the free newsletter at RealEstateGuysRadio.com.