It's getting hot in here (so hot)... so hot, I think I need HRT..

britt & steph: at your cervix show

Summary: This episode we hear your requests and finally talk about menopause and hormone replacement therapy! We discuss what to do when your patients start complaining of hot flashes (its getting hot in here), night sweats, mood swings and vaginal atrophy. Thats right, we are talking about menopause, genitourinary symptoms of menopause and traditional hormone replacement therapy, and you wont want to miss these pearls, as your patients will be glad you didn't. Join us as we break down the categories of different kinds of medications (estrogens, progesterones, combined products, topicals, SERMs, oh my!), and when to consider starting HRT for your patients. We also talk about some of the newer hotter agents out there like osphena, duovee and imvyexy. Listen this week and you'll be the hit in the office with all the latest and greatest.