Episode 173: Becky and Scott Mackintosh and Their Gay Son Xian.

Listen, Learn & Love Hosted by Richard Ostler show

Summary: My dear friends Becky and Scott Mackintosh (active LDS, Recent YSA Bishop) join me on the podcast with their wonderful son Xian (recently married to his husband Karson). Xian offered a wonderful prayer before we recorded and I hope you feel the spirit of love and understanding. The Mackintosh family is featured on this church produced video from 2017 https://mormonandgay.churchofjesuschrist.org/videos?id=11549365994538963301&lang=eng This good family talks about Christ’s doctrine and principals to keep the family circle together even when one member chooses a path outside our doctrine. This story is part of Becky’s Mackintosh’s new book (release date Sept 10th) called ‘Love Boldly: Embracing Your LGBTQ Loved Ones and Your Faith.” Available at available at Deseret Book. Seagull Book, Barnes & Noble and Amazon Here is the Amazon link: https://www.amazon.com/Love-Boldly-Embracing-LGBTQ-Loved/dp/1462135943/ref=sr_1_1?crid=1VUB1O66X9WW1&keywords=becky+mackintosh&qid=1566589126 I encourage everyone to buy this book and share it with your family, friends and local ward leaders. Thanks for being on the podcast Becky, Scott and Xian. You are all awesome.