September 19 Playlist - Magnetique 115 Bpm Mix

minimal show by john smthg show

Summary: Hello, a  deep slowdown... Enjoy! Playlist : 01 Silky Raven & Solaris 100, Stars, Connaisseur Germany; 02 Boot & Tax, Sublime, Optimo Music; 03 The Golden Filter, End Of Times, Optimo Music; 04 Tyu, Pieles, Duro; 05 Meggy, Liebe, Suol Germany; 06 Raw District/Rodham, In Maluta, This And That; 07 Tyu, Girasol (Rodion & Mijo remix), Duro;08 Thierry Tomas, Piu Piu, Dessous Germany; 09 BETON, Directions (feat Wevie Stonder), Turbo Recordings; 10 Losless, ShDDr1, Traum Schallplatten.    minimal show on iTunes  minimal show feed