Should We Use Tegaderms for Ultrasound-Guided IV’s?

Ultrasound Podcast show

Summary: Over the past year there has been a small bit of controversy regarding the best way to make sure that we aren’t causing iatrogenic infections when placing ultrasound-guided IV’s. To be honest, I took it for granted that tegaderms should be used when we do this potentially life-saving procedure.  Recent posts from ALiEM and EMRAP made me question the utility of these adhesive barriers.  After much research, it turns out that tegaderms are probably perfectly fine to use.  In this podcast, Dallas Holladay, Michael Gottlieb and I sit down to talk about our interpretation of the literature behind using tegaderms for ultrasound-guided IV’s.  Check it out! If you’re interested in an online ultrasound fellowship, check out the Ultrasound Leadership Academy