Is Phoenix's air quality bad? How does it affect our health?

Valley 101 show

Summary: The American Lung Association ranked Phoenix the seventh most ozone-polluted metropolitan area in the United States in April. If you've ever seen a brown haze hanging over the Valley, you too may have questioned the safety of our air quality. While all residents can experience side effects of poor air quality, there are certain groups of people who are particularly sensitive and will endure more severe consequences. What can we all do to protect them? This episode will help you understand more about these pollutants; how they affect human health and who is most at risk; and how Phoenix's air quality has changed over time. LINKS:  Subscribe to our Valley 101 Newsletter: For more info on the ADEQ vehicle emissions assistance program: Follow Valley on Twitter @valley101pod. Follow Producer Taylor Seely on Twitter: @taylorseely95 Follow Host Kaila White on Twitter @KailaWhite