048: Marketing Nouns and Marketing Verbs

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Summary: Pete talks to Dom about Marketing Nouns vs. Marketing Verbs - two ways to identify prospects and customers and to focus your marketing. By thinking about verbs (actions and states of being) as well as nouns (names), you can target your marketing even more Action Step: Think about the nouns that describe your customers and prospects, then think about the verbs that describe the different states and actions for those nouns, and see if you can focus some of your marketing on those verbs. -= Links =- - PreneurCast Episodes: These previous episodes are talked about in today's show. Go back and listen, if you missed them, over at http://preneurmedia.tv PreneurCast Episode 16 - The 7 Levers of Business - Special PreneurCast Listener Offers from our Sponsors: http://ReadItFor.Me/preneurcast - ReadItForMe creates multi-media summaries of popular business and personal development books. Visit our link for a free trial and a PreneurCast listener 10% discount on their membership fees. http://audibletrial.com/preneurcast - Audible has a huge library of audio books of all types. Visit our link for a free trial and PreneurCast listener coupon for a free audio book. -=- For more information about Pete and Dom, visit us online at http://www.preneurmedia.tv or drop us a line at: preneurcast@preneurgroup.com If you like what we're doing, please leave us a review on iTunes or the Web Site.