EMS Talk - Preparedness lessons from California - Episode 24

EMS Talk show

Summary: Aram Bronston, the EMS Coordinator and Regional​ Disaster Medical Health Specialist for California Region II joins the show to discuss the earthquakes this past week in Southern California, some general EMS preparedness tips and much more. <br><br>Host: Paul Falavolito @paulfalavolito<br><br>Facebook: Paul Falavolito Podcast<br><br>Twitter: Paul Falavolito Podcast<br><br><a href="http://www.paulfalavolitopodcast.com" rel="noopener">www.paulfalavolitopodcast.com</a><br><br>Listen on Apple Podcasts, iHeart Radio, Google Podcasts &amp; Spotify<br><br>If you enjoyed this episode, please leave​ a 5 Star rating, share on your social media and a comment on iTunes. <br><br>Send questions, feedback or enquire about advertising on my shows: <a href="mailto:podcast@paulfalavolito.com">podcast@paulfalavolito.com</a><br>Call in or text the show: 412-701-4323<br><br>Subscribe and listen to all of my podcast shows:<br>The 7 Minute Leadership Podcast <br>EMS Talk<br>The Daily Pfav<br>The KEMA Podcast<br><br>**Paul Falavolito Podcast is now available on the Amazon Alexa skills store**<br><br>Proudly sponsored by the following companies:<br><br> White Oak EMS - whiteoakems.com<br> Cornerstone Adminisystems - cornerstoneadminisystems.com<br> * Alerts USA - alertsusa.com<br> * Ridge Wallet - ridgewallet.com<br><br>*Listen to each episode​​ for your special Paul Falavolito discount code to save with our sponsors.<br>​