Episode 41: The Best of P.O.V. Vol 2

P.O.V. with David W. Torrence show

Summary: Tired of the same old goat sacrifices? Well, sacrifice your valuable time for P.O.V.! Yes, what I am really asking you to do is WASTE your time. But isn't this true of damn near every other podcast? Even better, this one is theoretically some of the 'best' of the garbage we've done here over the years; which, while not a guarantee of quality, is at least something to consider. Drop us a line, BTW! Also BTW....I forgot, a new video! Well, this time...umm...uh..OK. For some great 70s awesomeness, there is nothing more,er, awesome than Kansas. The BAND, you twit! Here they are, looking like a REAL rock band oughta, performing "Icarus". Its from the "Masque" LP, one P.O.V. highly recommends. Dig!