#7 | All About Accelerators with Quake Capital's Founding Partner Glenn Argenbright

The Esports Startup show

Summary: <p>Welcome to The Esports Startup, Episode 6!</p> <p>Join our <a href="https://e1.gg/slack" target="_blank"><strong>Slack community</strong></a> to chat with the hosts and learn about esports, startups and funding from your hosts and community members! To learn more about Esports One, visit our <a href="https://esportsone.com/" target="_blank"><strong>site</strong></a>.</p> <p><br></p> <p>This past week we were lucky enough to have Glenn Argenbright, founding partner of <a href="https://www.quakecapital.com">Quake Capital</a> (the first Startup Accelerator we attended) and early investor in Esports One swing by the office to visit while he was in town and to record an episode of The Esports Startup with us!</p> <p>Glenn played a crucial role in our early days as a company and has himself spent over 25 years as an entrepreneur, founder, and senior executive with experience running a wide variety of public and private companies, with nine exits, 3 public offerings and over $5B in value created.</p> <p>In this episode, Matt speaks with Glenn about how Quake Capital came to be, what exactly they look for in startups that apply, and what to expect once you make it into their program!</p>