Being Brave Together with Jessica Patay

Who Lives Like This?! show

Summary: In today's podcast we spoke with Jessica Patay a mother, wife, and advocate for mothers of special needs children. She is also a coffee and book addict, who has no business buying any more books this century. Or shoes. Married to her husband Chris for 22 years, she uses her psychology degree to artfully and carefully lead her lovely brood of 3 teenagers, Luke (18), Ryan (15), and Kate (13). Ryan was diagnosed at birth with Prader Willi Syndrome, a rare genetic disorder marked by hyperphagia, low muscle tone, obsessiveness and anxiety. Ryan is her "most grateful child," Jessica says, a sensitive boy who suffers from extreme anxiety but whose heart is huge. In today's podcast, Jason, Jessica and I spoke about the intuitive powers of our children, their empathy for others and sensitivities that belie their diagnoses of cognitive impairment. We also spoke about sibling issues, and Jessica shared some tips and great ideas on how their family has managed to juggle alone time with each of their typical children. Our discussion includes Jessica's current passion, the organization she has created called We Are Brave Together. Jessica describes the group as "a beautiful collision" of her life as a special needs mother and a passionate lover of female friendships and closeness.