Actor/Artist/Auslan Performer - Andy Dexterity

STAGES with Peter Eyers show

Summary: After a successful period performing in major musicals around the country for a number of years, Andy Dexterity decided it was time to press pause for a bit and re-evaluate what he had to offer creatively - what more was there that he could contribute as a story-teller? The next theatrical phase of his career was to see him fuse his skills in dance, physical theatre, education and sign language into an engaging invention, allowing him to communicate with an audience in a uniquely visceral way. A celebration of this performance style lead him to a series of fabulously engaging video clips on youtube. These brilliant broadcasts on social media lead to choreographic engagements that incorporated Auslan - the physical language of communication. Andy was soon serving a term as the 'Mayor of Wiggletown' - the home of the highly successful children's entertainers - 'The Wiggles'. And whilst exploring and developing his unique brand, he was invited to be a presenter of a highly regarded TED Talk in front of a world-wide audience, leading them in a performance of 'Bohemian Rhapsody'. A new chapter is about to emerge with a move to the States where he hopes to follow a path similar to his heroes; Fred Rodgers, Walt Disney and Jim Henson. Anything is possible! So how exactly did all of these opportunities come about? What is the story that has contributed to Andy Dexterity? One can't help but be enthused by Andy's contagious positive energy. We poured the champagne to toast his new adventure and recorded this thoroughly engaging conversation.