Want to increase the sns of your FAST exam? Try adding the SLOW exam. See how in this weeks podcast, featuring @jordanrupp1 #FOAMed #MedEd

Ultrasound Podcast show

Summary: You may have heard of the FAST exam, but have you heard of the SLOW exam? The SLOW exam is featured in a 2018 article in Journal of Ultrasound in Medicine and is a systematic approach to finding small amounts of intraperiteoneal free fluid.  A 2014 article (PMID: 25763079) showed the sensitivity of the FAST exam increased from 36.6% to 70.7% when this exam was used! Check it out!Come join us in Lexington Ky or Bend Oregon for some in-person ultrasound goodness (www.Castlefest2019.com and www.Bendfest19.com).  Want to come for free?  Send us your best ultrasound case and enter in a competition sponsored by GE for free registration to either conference!