Brain Development and Childhood Adversity | OAS Episode 50

Our American States show

Summary: On this episode of “Our American States,” we explore two critical components of a child’s development. First, we’ll address adverse childhood experiences (often referred to as ACEs), which are stressful or traumatic events in childhood that have long-term impacts on health and well being. We talk to a national expert who will walk us through research on childhood trauma, and provide policymakers with ideas to address families facing stresses that cause ACEs. We also discuss the importance of positive brain development, discover why the first three years are so critical for the nurturing of children, go over key research and find out what the policy implications are regarding early brain development. Our guests are: Dr. Nadine Burke-Harris, founder and chief executive officer for the Center of Youth Wellness Dr. Ross Thompson, a distinguished professor in the department of psychology at the University of California Additional Resources Transcription of Episode 50