Chapter 7: Little Bird Told Me: A Free Podcast Novel and Audio Book

Little Bird Told Me: A Mystic Podcast Novel and Audio Book show

Summary: Hello. This is John Rhodes again with the seventh chapter of my San Francisco podcast novel and free audiobook, “Little Bird Told Me”, entitled: “Walking Through a Door of a Sufi Cult”. Although I highly respect the Sufi Religion and people like Rumi, they are also known for their tricksters, which I discuss in this chapter. I met some of these tricksters once who where indirectly connected also to Gurdjieff and Scientology. I think though that any culture can create negative stereotypes of its culture. The specific cult that I met was in the early 70’s and went so far as to distribute pamphlets called “War Memos”, and they nicknamed their Guru, “The Beast”. I identify with the hippie culture of the sixties, and they, like most cultures, had their negative stereotypes too. It’s just this particular stereotype we are dealing with heavily in these apocalyptic days we live in, in relation to Islamic religion in the news, Sufism being a branch of Islam. I enjoyed reading little tales quoted by the writer Idries Shah, who I recommend. Please buy my books if you can. My novel, “Little Bird Told Me”, or my poetry book, “Spirits of Bondage and Inherent Transcendence”. Please pardon me if you practice Sufi Religion. No matter how negative this chapter sounds, I still enjoy the mystic Sufi Religion. I hope you enjoy this chapter.