cisco kid 1948

Radio America show

Summary: The Cisco Kid and Pancho are a wonderful pair of rough and ready vagabonds who often are mistaken for outlaws themselves. They are smart enough to use this to their advantage, and get in and out of trouble at the drop of a sombrero. They had trusty steeds that any young cowhand could name - for Cisco, it was Diablo, and Pancho rode Loco. And often, the pair seemed like a couple of crazy devils themselves. Pancho is one of the best sidekicks in Western as he is always rattling on with a sense of humor that is as wide as his belly. He's a lover of the food, while Cisco is obviously a handsome, dashing hero who has an eye for a shady "varmint", or the fair lady in distress that usually thanks him at the end of the episode. From '42 to '45, Jackson Beck played Cisco Kid, and Louis Sorin handled Pancho. Mutual-Don Lee productions took over in '46, and Jack Mather became Cisco, and Harry Lang played Pancho. They continued in the roles until the show's end in '56.