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Summary: Affordable Web Hosting $5.99 A month click here Visit the Radio America Store web site. Buy your 50 mp3 for &5.00 Eighteen-year-old Mary Shelley wrote Frankenstein as her entry in an informal horror-writing competition with her husband, poet Percy Bysshe Shelley, Lord Byron and Dr. John Polidori. Her famous gothic story, often recognized as “the first modern science fiction novel,” went on to become the most famous horror story of all time. Frankenstein was first filmed by Thomas Edison in 1910 and by James Whale in 1931 (with Boris Karloff becoming a major Hollywood star with his portrayal of the monster). Frankenstein 02-20-44 by Mary Shelley. Starring Arthur Vinton (Professor Waldman). Dr. Victor Frankenstein creates a living being from animal parts, but the tortured creature returns and demands a mate for companionship. • Frankenstein 06-07-55 by Mary Shelley, adapted for radio by Antony Ellis (producer/director); Lucien Moraweck (composer); Wilbur Hatch (conductor); Larry Thor (announcer). Starring Stacy Harris (Victor Frankenstein); Herb Butterfield (James); Vivi Jannis (Elizabeth); Barney Phillips (Frankenstein’s monster). A young scientist creates a living creature from the dead, but his creation haunts the village and eventually destroys its maker.