07. The Kids Are Alright

Intractable show

Summary: In our seventh episode, we explore the cyclical nature of the conflict—from a human perspective. What can we discover about the next generation, and about the future of  Israelis and Palestinians, by looking at the way young people within this conflict communicate with one another—or don’t?  In Tel Aviv and Jaffa, Skyler interviews an Israeli professor with a revolutionary idea, and sits in on an event that brings young women from Israel and the West Bank together for the teeny tiny task of finding a peaceful resolution to the conflict. In Jerusalem, we talk to parents and children at Hand in Hand, a groundbreaking school that envisions generational change through mixed Jewish-Arab education—in Arabic and Hebrew. Like what you hear? Subscribe, rate, and review us!  And while you're at it, follow us online: facebook.com/intractablepodcast Instagram: @intractablepodcast