Should Ft. Hood Victims Receive Purple Heart?  

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Summary: On today’s show:<br> <br> * We discuss the details of the Ft. Hood shooting and try to determine if the recent Purple Heart petition from survivors is more about benefits than the award itself.<br> * Good news!! All custom shirts have now been printed and will be delivered.<br> * JT and I share some holiday highlights and also talk about the de-evolution of manliness.<br> * U.S. Government now offering $5M for Al Qaeda Leader that was at one time locked down in Guantanamo.<br> * Box scores and highlights on the war against ISIS.<br> * Strange news<br> * iTunes Reviews<br> <br> Write Us A 5 Star Review:<br> <a href=""></a><br> Get the gear you need:<br> <a href=""></a><br> <a href=""></a><br> Visit Our Show Sponsor:<br> Attention military units, first responders and anyone needing a custom PVC velcro patch! Visit for all your PVC patch needs and be sure to tell them Chairborne Commandos sent you and get 50% off mold fees for 500 or more parts!<br> <a href=""></a><br>