Episode Five: The Gearheads Talk Autocross with Suzy Bauter

The Round Six Podcast show

Summary: THE DONNA REED OF AUTOCROSS<br><br> <br> The Round Six Gearheads sat down with autocross enthusiast and 2017 SEMA Show sensation Suzy Bauter.<br> Suzy goes beyond promoting, and articulates the empowering feeling that Autocross can bring to women, and offers an invitation to all who may be interested in getting involved.<br><br> Truly a fun time, and a great look into the exciting sport of Autocross. It’s a good think to drive like a girl.<br> We learned a lot, had a bunch of laughs and said a bunch of stuff we all pinky swore to never mention again.<br> THINGS COVERED IN THIS EPISODE:<br> <br> * Brian’s encyclopedic knowledge of females in racing history<br> * German podcast awards<br> * Eric’s voracious appetite for tacos<br> * How wearing an official-looking shirt can make women talk to you<br> * How we all met<br> * The Rambler wagon<br> * How masking tape can ruin your timeline<br> * Suzy’s SEMA Ignited parade experience<br> * The craziness of a SEMA build with regard to sleep<br> * Competing in Goodguys autocross<br><br> – The great fans<br><br> – The awesome support<br><br> – The coming up-to-1987 vehicle year inclusion<br> * Rookie mistakes and learning from them<br><br> – It’s not always the parts, sometimes it’s user error<br><br> – The dangers of liquid Mercury-filled shocks<br> * Suzy on being the lone girl in her High School Shop Class<br><br> – Being kicked out of Home Economics<br><br> – “It’s a broad issue.” Thanks, Alex.<br><br> – Sewing VS latch-hooking metal<br> * The history of the Rambler project<br><br> – From trailer park to SEMA<br><br> – Eight-tracks to glory<br><br> – Performance testing an eight-track tape under high-G loads<br> * Hammer pants, LA Gear high-tops and matching scrunchies<br> * Brian’s equipment failure breeds a great back massager joke<br> * Suzy turns the tables, and asks the Gearheads a question<br> * Brian messes up; it was the 1960 Buick Electra w/the reflecting speedometer<br> * Alex’s super-low production sequence number ’71 Camaro RS<br> * The growing trend of third-gen F-bodies<br> * Waxing nostalgic over first cars<br> * Learning to drive Autocross<br> * A discussion of island-y people<br> * The Round Six Gearheads have a sleepover<br> * Brian sings!<br> <br>