Ep. 11: Prigogine Moments (& Living Almost Put Together)

The Uncharted Podcast show

Summary: Rise & Shine girls! It's time for another Monday Pep-Talk, from none other than a girl who knows all about giving you the kind of tough love you need to take action in your life! This week we sit down with Samantha Timmermann - founder of Sonder Lee Studios & ultimate life navigator. In her first 30 years, Sam has lived an amazing journey - far beyond what many thought she might ever achieve; which is perhaps why she's become such a great person to talk to about harnessing those critical, 'Prigogine' life moments. Whether it's living out a dream you feel in your heart, dealing with the highs and lows of a fast pace career, navigating an 'almost put together' life, or simply learning how to create your own fun...Sam has been there and received all the t-shirts. && the good news?? She's willing to share her tidbits with all of you. Like many episodes, this is one you'll likely want to listen to again and again. So...grab some coffee and your favorite pen, and let's get to it!