138: Sir Rosevelt's Zac Brown, Niko Moon & Ben Simonetti Talk Forming the Trio, Releasing a New Album, Creating an Aura & More

NCD Writers Room show

Summary: **Jim Casey talks with Zac Brown, Niko Moon and Ben Simonetti of trio Sir Rosevelt about:** • the genesis of Sir Rosevelt • Zac, Niko and Ben working together on Zac Brown Band's 2015 album, "Jekyll + Hyde" • Mr. Hyde becoming Sir Rosevelt • co-writing together on the bus while on the road with ZBB • taking Sir Rosevelt to an international crowd • creating the self-titled album, which dropped in December 2017 • Sir Rosevelt not being a side project • the visual aspects of Sir Rosevelt, including using acrobats and dancers on tour • naming the trio after Teddy Roosevelt • the mysterious Robert Baker, who is the subject of Track 7 • the new single, "Something ’Bout You" **Quote Worthy:** • "Sir Rosevelt is not a side project, this isn’t a Chris Gaines. This is unapologetically exploration and creativity and art. And the way it’s presented, we can take it all over the world.”— Zac Brown **Participants:** • Zac Brown • Niko Moon • Ben Simonetti • Jim Casey, NCD editor in chief