131: Danielle Bradbery Talks Growing as a Songwriter, Learning From Artists Like Thomas Rhett & Miranda Lambert, Releasing Her New Album & More

NCD Writers Room show

Summary: Jim Casey talks with Danielle Bradbery about: • winning "The Voice" in 2013 as a 16-year-old • releasing her self-titled debut album five months after winning "The Voice" • moving to Nashville in 2015 • learning the songwriting craft • creating her new album, "I Don't Believe We've Met," which drops on Dec. 1 • coming up with the title for her new album • her early musical influences in country, pop and soul • growing vocally as a singer • getting "better" at being shy • writing "What Are We Doing" with Thomas Rhett, Emily Weisband and Sam Ellis • the possibility of "Worth It" being her next single • learning from other artists she's been on tour with, including Miranda Lambert, Brad Paisley and more Participants: • Danielle Bradbery • Jim Casey, NCD editor in chief