Farmer Hoggett in the Slammer

Here's The Thing with Alec Baldwin show

Summary: <p>From the humane wisdom of Farmer Hoggett in <em>Babe</em> to the simmering evil of Captain Dudley Smith in <em>L.A. Confidential</em>, James Cromwell realizes his roles with unmatched emotional honesty. He brings that same openness to a wonderful, sprawling conversation with Alec: Cromwell is a natural storyteller who’s had a remarkable life in theater, TV, and the movies. The two actors swap stories about shared teachers, loves, and frustrations – and political protest. Cromwell might be the most committed activist in Hollywood: his civil disobedience has led to multiple arrests and even a stint in state prison. And throughout the interview, you can hear the explicit and implicit influences of Cromwell’s father, a major Hollywood director who split from the family when James was six.</p>