Confidence Boosting - Both Personal And Financial - With Karol Ward

Smart Women Invest show

Summary: <br> This episode of $mart Women is designed to give you a confidence boost, with author and confidence coach Karol Ward. Karol is an award winning speaker &amp;, television commentator who helps business owners and executives develop the confidence they need to create the success they want. As a trained psychotherapist, she is the author of "Worried Sick: Break Free From Chronic Worry to Achieve Mental &amp; Physical Health" and "Find Your Inner Voice: Using Instinct and Intuition Through the Body-Mind Connection."  Karol is also a TEDx speaker whose talk focused on the power of the body-mind connection. So tune in and learn some valuable tips to regaining your confidence.<br> <br> <br> <br> And then be sure to listen to host Michel McKinnon's take on the fluctuation of oil prices, and her advice on home refinancing. <br>