Cherishing Time: How to Spend It Wisely with God, with Stephen Hamilton

Engaging Missions Show - Powerful Stories from Christian Missionaries, Church Planters, and Ministry Leaders show

Summary: In the midst of ministry and missions, it can sometimes be hard to focus on the relationships being built (both with God and people). Stephen Hamilton joins us on the show to remind us of some ways to keep focusing on Christ and others, even when everything is going crazy. <br> <br> From waking up early to scheduling well, Stephen works to make time to hear from the Lord and to pour into those around him. Working in his ministry in Florida, he seeks to minister to and mentor young people about Jesus. Day in and day out, Stephen is focused on glorifying God through the relationships he makes every day. <br> <br> 00:24 - Episode summary<br> 01:49 - The positive impact of short term missions<br> 03:59 - Transition from youth ministry to missions<br> 04:56 - God speaks to us through others<br> 05:36 - Opportunities to speak life<br> 06:47 - Focusing on relationships<br> 09:16 - Spending time with God<br> 11:33 - How the Word goes throughout the day<br> 12:57 - Continuing devotion during missions<br> 15:58 - Encouraging others in their devotional time<br> 17:36 - Keep on moving forward<br> 21:12 - How can we best pray for you? <br> 22:35 - Closing remarks<br> <br> Resources:<br> Missio Church Podcast - find it on