Poop Sac 2.0 – SBO

Ultrasound Podcast show

Summary: It’s been somewhere between 3 and 12 years since we’ve talked about poop sacs on the podcast. And the poop sacs are angry. They feel neglected, gassy, constipated, ready to explode. This next set of podcasts starts off with Jacob taking us through a review of small bowel ultrasound and all the awesomeness of not ordering a CT on every distended belly you come across. Next time we’ll break down some serious hernia action with Mike and talk about finding, diagnosing and reducing hernias with beside ultrasound. Bring on the POO!!! Want to see Jacob ultrasound poo shirtless? Come to Cabofest Want to see Jacob ultrasound poo dressed up as Hodor from Game of Thrones? Come to Castlefest