Episode 2. The FitzJames

Heaps Good History show

Summary: This week, Greg speaks to Nikki Sullivan from the Migration Museum about The FitzJames, a floating prison that, for 11 years, was home to  South Australia's wayward teens.  Production notes: Thanks to Nikki Sullivan, Migration Museum, Adelaide and Bob Byrne from Adelaide Remember When...  Sounds via FreeSound.Org  All sounds used under the various licences of Creative Commons.  Waves crashing against wall/break water 2  by Ali_6868 Splash by cd272 Wooden boat row water by bulbastre Bunch of flies by Herbert Boland Ship sound request by Hellow Flowers Whip cracks by ArcLegend05 Large wooden ship by Wilhelmus1959 Throwing a bucket of water by eddybennet Walking slow, walking fast and running on sand by Hintringer A shoemaker sharpening a knife with a hone and thong by YleArkisto Cough by goldkelchen Construction hammering nail by 13FPanská_Tolar_David