Episode 43: Real Food Meal Plans with Allison Schaaf of PrepDish.com

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Summary: Thanks for joining us for episode 43 of The Ancestral RD podcast. If you want to keep up with our podcasts, subscribe in iTunes and never miss an episode! Remember, please send us your question if you'd like us to answer it on the show! Today we are interviewing Allison Shaaf, who makes meal time less about stress and more about enjoyment. Allison Schaaf is a Registered Dietitan and the founder of PrepDish.com, a weekly real food meal planning service. Subscribers receive emails with downloadable mealplans- including a grocery list & instructions for spending 2-3 hours prepping meals ahead of time. Here are some of the questions we discussed with Allison: How did you get into real food diets and then end up running a meal planning service? What are the benefits of the PrepDish system? How does planning ahead and being organized tend to improve people’s health or their ability to stick with their goals? What tips do you have for people who have a hard time making meal planning a habit? How do you recommend prepping and/or planning your meals when you are a single person cooking for just yourself versus a family? Can you customize meal plans to make it work for a family that has a lot of different taste palettes? What kind of flexibility do your meal plans have with macronutrients? What are some of your favorite meals that you’ve included in some of your plans? Does PrepDish tend to be seasonal? Do you have any great tips for people who want to save time in the kitchen? What are your favorite tools to have in the kitchen? Links Discussed: PrepDish.com Free 2 week trial of PrepDish.com for Ancestral RDs podcast listeners Allison's video on how to chop an onion Allison's romesco sauce recipe The Flavor Bible Chris Kresser's RHR: How To Test Your Home For Mold, with Mike Schrantz Chris Kresser: 5 Things You Should Know About Toxic Mold Illness TRANSCRIPT Laura: Hi, everyone. Welcome to episode 43 of the Ancestral Rds podcast. I’m Laura Schoenfeld, and over there in chilly New York is Kelsey Marksteiner. Kelsey: Hey, guys. Laura: I shouldn’t say chilly New York, as if North Carolina isn’t chilly right now too. We’re in like the twenties and got a nice little coating of ice today. Everything is shut down, as we do in North Carolina. Kelsey: A shut down. Oh, gosh. Yesterday we went out and the feels like temperature was negative 11. It was not fun. Laura: That makes me feel better being here. But I heard that you are potentially looking to move. Why don’t you tell us a little bit about why you are moving, or might be moving. Kelsey: This is the whole saga of my life for the last month or so, actually, which is that my doctor brought up the possibility that mold might be an issue for me given my heart condition, inappropriate sinus tachycardia, because there’s at least talk that long term mold exposure can kind of mess up the autonomic nervous system. That’s the nervous system that is basically making your body function, doing all the thing that you don’t think about, like breathing, your heartbeat, all that sort of stuff. And so he just said, maybe you should test your apartment and see if you have any mold issues. We did that, and of course it came back high. And now it’s been an interesting process to look for an apartment, especially in the New York area because it’s kind of tough. I mean, I don’t know that anywhere else would necessarily be better because I can’t really test anywhere before I go because, I don’t know if you’re aware of this, Laura, but anyone who lives in New York knows that the rental market is absolutely crazy where literally you’ll go and look at an apartment and you pretty much have to say within a day whether you’re going to take it or not. Laura: Right. Kelsey: Because somebody else is right behind you to take that if you’re not going to take it. It becomes this whole crazy thing of, well,