Understanding Your Values with Aniefre Essien- CR002

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Summary: What does it take to leave your corporate marketing job behind to create your own app? In this episode of Career Relaunch, Aniefre Essien, a former Consumer Goods Brand Marketer turned music streaming app Founder shares his thoughts the importance of conviction and being authentic to who you are. I also share some thoughts on how you can define what matters to you.<br> Key Takeaways<br> <br> * Find what’s meaningful in your life, and determine the mark you want to leave on the world.<br> * Clarify your values to evaluate which actions and decisions serve you, make you happy, and lead to fulfillment.<br> * Give yourself permission to pursue what you really want. You will be more at peace with yourself and your career path.<br> <br> Tweetables to Share<br> Free Tool: Clarify Your Values<br> <a id="download"></a>During this episode’s Mental Fuel segment, I talked about the importance of clarifying what matters to you in your life &amp; career. To help define your values, you can download my “Values Questionnaire” Worksheet<br> <br> <br> About Aniefre Essien, Founder &amp; CEO, Vaytus Media<br> <a href="https://www.linkedin.com/in/aniefre-essien-07942b4" target="_blank">Aniefre Essien</a> has more than a decade of marketing experience, across a wide range of industries including Food &amp; Wine, Home Cleaning, and Social Media. After spending years honing his craft at major corporations, Aniefre decided to leave the perceived security of the corporate world to launch his own start-up. He is the Founder/CEO of <a href="https://www.vaytus.com" target="_blank">Vaytus Media LLC</a>, a media streaming platform that enables convenient discovery of premium independent music.<br> Vaytus is a new, independent music streaming app, with hand selected, curated content from artists who create for the love of music. “Vayt-us” means elevate us, and is built on the premise that good music makes life better. At Vaytus, we’re a bunch of musicians and music lovers that know that the best, most honest music is being made by indie musicians not heard on the radio—so we built an alternative. The app is in testing now, and will be released soon. People can pre-register for an account at <a href="http://vaytus.com" target="_blank">vaytus.com</a> and follow Vaytus on <a href="http://facebook.com/vaytusradio" target="_blank">Facebook</a>.<br> Did You Enjoy This Episode? Please Let Us Know!<br> <br> * Tweet: If you enjoyed this episode and have a few seconds to spare, <a href="http://ctt.ec/5ZyRd" target="_blank">Tweet to let me and Aniefre know</a>.<br><br> <a class="button orange" href="http://ctt.ec/5ZyRd" target="_blank">Tweet a thank you!</a><br> * Review: I’d also love for you to <a href="https://josephpliu.com/itunesreview" target="_blank">leave a positive review and rating</a> for the podcast on iTunes, which helps my show reach more people who want to relaunch their careers.<br> * Subscribe: Be sure to subscribe to Career Relaunch podcast on <a href="https://josephpliu.com/itunes" target="_blank">iTunes</a>, <a href="https://josephpliu.com/stitcher" target="_blank">Stitcher</a>, <a href="http://subscribeonandroid.com/josephpliu.com/series/career-relaunch/feed/" target="_blank">Android</a>, or <a href="https://josephpliu.com/go/googleplay" target="_blank">Google Play</a> (it’s free) so you don’t miss out on the latest episodes. Full <a href="https://josephpliu.com/career-relaunch-subscribe" target="_blank">instructions</a>.<br> * Stay in touch: Follow Career Relaunch on <a href="http://twitter.com/CareerRelaunch" target="_blank">Twitter</a>, <a href="http://facebook.com/CareerRelaunch" target="_blank">Facebook</a>, and <a href="https://www.instagram.com/careerrelaunch/" target="_blank">Instagram</a>. You can also follow host Joseph on <a href="http://twitter.com/JosephLiu_" target="_blank">Twitter</a> and <a href="http://facebook."></a>