10 - What if a rabbit laid eggs in a cloud that fell down?

What If World - Stories for Kids show

Summary: This week we relate the old What If World parable of the Rabbit That Laid Eggs In A Cloud That Fell Down. Will Rola the Rabbit find her family? Will Dontknowhen, the Goblin Minstrel, every pipe down and let Mr. Eric tell the story? There's only one way to find out! If you or your child would like to submit a "What if?" question or tell us about one of Mr. Eric's famous flubs you can do so in the following ways: Leave a voicemail at (205) 605-WHAT Write an email to whatifworldpodcast@gmail.com Tweet at @whatifworldpod Make sure you're ready with your first name, something you really like or like to do, and your "what if" question. And don't worry if you have to call two or three times. :) Help us out by giving us a rating & review on iTunes! Or, share What If World with your friends on Facebook or Twitter and help us spread the word so that we can continue to tell new stories!