Talking Romance and Writing with Emma Scott–Episode 129–March 13 2017

WRITER 2.0: Writing, publishing, and the space between show

Summary: On episode 129 of the WRITER 2.0 Podcast I spoke once again with <a href="">Emma Scott</a>. We discussed:<br> <br> <br> <br> * how she’s improved since writing her first book;<br> * her writing process and how it has changed over time;<br> * finding your story vs. creating your story;<br> * using honest self-critique while avoiding demoralizing self-criticism;<br> * whether she can really call herself a marathon runner.<br> <br> <br> <br> About our guest:<br> Emma Scott is a writer, marathon runner, and caffeine addict, who lives and writes in the California Bay Area. She has two smart, feisty little girls, a super-supportive husband, and is a demonstrated fan of the Oxford comma. She is also an unabashed Star Wars geek and comic book enthusiast who fell into romance novels when a writing contest prompt turned a 1000-word romantic story into a full-blown novel. She also writes epic fantasy that suffers an epic word count.<br> She hopes you enjoy her work, encourages readers to leave feedback, and thinks it’s amusing to write about herself in the third person. And if she has a driving force that fuels her work, it’s that love always wins.<br>