TAGP458 Rochelle Kopp and Steven Ganz : An Authors Perspective On Life In Silicon Valley

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Summary: Rochelle Kopp is founder and Managing Principal of Japan Intercultural Consulting, an international training and consulting firm focused on Japanese business. She is a recognized authority on Japanese culture and business practices, particularly Japanese communication style and organizational behavior and decision-making in Japanese firms. A veteran facilitator experienced in delivering training and consulting to both Japanese and non-Japanese, Rochelle has a particular specialty in facilitating cross-cultural team-buildings and other programs for executives. Steven Ganz is an Entrepreneur & Technology Investigator. His passion is in applying the rigor of sound theory to obtain new perspectives and insights into the solution of relevant problems. Whether working with start-ups or research labs, he always tries to look beyond the immediate problem at hand to see how recognition of a common pattern might lead to a potential for adding greater value than previously contemplated.