Outlining and Historical Fiction with Libbie Hawker–Episode 118–December 19 2016

WRITER 2.0: Writing, publishing, and the space between show

Summary: On episode 118 of the WRITER 2.0 Podcast I spoke with historical novelist Libbie Hawker. In a fun, wide-ranging interview, we discussed:<br> <br> <br> * her experience with her first agent and why she went indie;<br> * how to avoid getting bogged down in research;<br> * her experience publishing with Amazon imprint, Lake Union;<br> * her methods for outlining a novel, as discussed in her writing book, <a href="http://amzn.to/2i7N5JN">Take Off Your Pants</a>;<br> * why now is the best time every to be a writer.<br> <br> <br> About our guest:<br><br> <a href="http://libbiehawker.com/">Libbie Hawker</a> was born in Rexburg, Idaho, and divided her childhood between eastern Idaho’s rural environs and the greater Seattle area. While working toward a career as a novelist, Libbie held an array of jobs, including zookeeper, yarn dyer, and show-dog handler. She loves to write about character and place and is inspired by the striking natural beauty of the Rocky Mountain region and the fascinating history of the Puget Sound. She would choose high mountains, sage deserts, and heavy rain clouds over a sunny, sandy beach any day of the week. When not writing, Libbie enjoys hiking, painting landscapes and portraits with pastel and watercolor, and exploring the western United States. She now lives in Seattle with her husband.<br>