When Kings Go Forth to Battle

Eric Ludy Sermon Podcast: Church at Ellerslie show

Summary: This message reveals not only the brilliance and supernatural quality of Scripture, but also the entire Hebrew culture from which Jesus came. In the springtime (a.k.a. the month of Nisan to the Jews), kings would set forth to battle. And it was during the time when the barley was turning green in Israel that our King Jesus climbed aboard a colt and humbly entered Jerusalem as a man of war. And by the end of the week He was stripped naked, turned to a bloody pulp, nailed to a wooden gibbet, and laid in a borrowed grave... dead. His style of battle was undoubtedly different than that of any successful general before Him. But never has a general, neither before Him nor after Him, enjoyed such a victory. For without the aid of a single soldier or a single weapon, this divine man of war destroyed all the powers of Earth and Hell. As a result of His war effort, sin no longer has power and death no longer has a sting. This seemingly harmless carpenter's son is truly the Lord of battle, and when He sets out for war, He will not be denied His reward.